UK Style Hot Mustard by Cooksville Hot Sauce

UK Style Hot Mustard by Cooksville Hot Sauce

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Paul tried a home-made concoction at a World Cup Soccer party that a British friend was throwing. Not sure of what kind of peppers it had in it, but mustard was a key ingredient, and this was the condiment for the “bangers and mash” he was serving.        It nearly took Paul's head off.   They decided to take this concept to the next level and came up with their own version in 2010. Use this wherever you would use mustard but require a little more “fire”. Perfect on a hot dog or bratwurst.

Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet peppers, Yellow Tabasco chilies, Yellow Hungarian Banana peppers, Golden Cayenne peppers, sweet yellow Bell peppers, Aji Lemon Drop peppers, stone ground and regular mustards, black mustard seed, apricots, turmeric, salt, white vinegar, water

Heat Scale: 8/10