Mark's Barbados Style Hot Sauce
Mark's Hot Sauce

Mark's Barbados Style Hot Sauce

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     This Barbados Style hot sauce is an homage with Mark's own unique spin on the traditional Bajan “pepper sauce” that is so widely popular on the island of Barbados. It’s a unique mix of fiery hot Scotch Bonnet & Habanero peppers, tropical fruit and prepared mustard. It’s hot, fruity, tangy and absolutely delicious on any dish! Brighten up your day and give a flavour jolt to your taste buds with this unique and delicious sauce.

Ingredients: Spring water, onion, hot and sweet peppers, mango, pineapple, papaya, carrot, distilled white vinegar, prepared mustard, sea salt, white wine vinegar*, spices*, rum, garlic*. *Organic

Heat Level: 3/10

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