Hot Eh?  by The Capsaicin Cartel
The Capsaicin Cartel

Hot Eh? by The Capsaicin Cartel

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Made with 100% pure locally sourced Quebec maple syrup and steeped with crushed super hot peppers to infuse the capsaicin into the syrup. Then filtered to provide a clear syrup with a very hot and deliciously sweet taste. One red Mexican chili is in the bottle to ensure that you don't mistake this for your everyday maple syrup.

Try it on your breakfast, ice-cream, in your baking and glaze your proteins liberally for a super twist on your meals.

Ingredients: Pure maple syrup, a super hot  blend of peppers including Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia, White Moruga Scorpions, 7 Pot Yellow Bubblegum, Big Mustard Mama, Aji Pineapple, Aji Guyana and Thai chilies.

Heat level: 6/10