Honey Garlic by Purple Tongue Hot Sauce
Purple Tongue

Honey Garlic by Purple Tongue Hot Sauce

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**  The King of Sauces!  and  1st place Hot Category YOW! Awards 2021 **

This classic recipe mixes locally sourced honey, soy sauce and a massive helping of garlic that warms not only your mouth but also your chest! The sweetness of the honey delays the fires that will soon be laid upon you, so tread lightly, this one is a creeper! Pairs well with pork chops, ribs, dumplings, fried chicken, chicken wings cheese and crackers.

Ingredients: Locally sourced honey, *Gluten-free soy sauce, Carolina Reaper and Bhut Jolokia peppers, *Garlic, *Ginger, Tapioca flour. *Organic

Heat Level: 8/10

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