Cherrynobyl by Sorry Sauce
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Cherrynobyl by Sorry Sauce

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Best Extreme Sauce         2020 Eternal Flame Award

Cherrynobyl is crafted around a base of Niagara black cherries, black cocoa, vanilla bean and apple cider vinegar, with hints of lemon and black pepper. There’s also a whole bunch of Carolina Reaper peppers for a whole new dimension of heat. Cherrynobyl is as delicious as it is brutal, so you'll find yourself going back for more despite the immediate punch and lingering after burn.

Careful, bud. This one's four ehs. Cherrynobyl pairs well with peppery dishes, Camembert and sharp cheddar. It’s great on the barbecue, and will really take your burger to the next level. For a real treat, try it on cheesecake or vanilla ice cream!

Ingredients: Hot Peppers (Red and Chocolate Carolina Reaper), Niagara Black Cherries, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Water, Sugars (Brown), Black Cocoa, Lemon, Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Turmeric, Vanilla Bean

Heat Level: Extreme, eh eh eh eh 10/10

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